Jerrad Downer

Jerrad Downer


Hey everyone!

My name is Jerrad, and I’m a Photography major based in Des Moines, Iowa; and I am currently looking for local or out of state work. Originally starting as a Marketing major, I made the switch to Photography. I love meeting knew people, and I felt Photography would allow me to pursue that passion while being my own boss. The DMACC Photography program has given me all the tools, knowledge, and structure that helped build up my skills to what they are today.

I enjoy every part of Photography, and never like to shy away from a challenge. From Sports, Real Estate, Senior Sessions to Commercial work, I love to learn how to get the best images no matter the situation. My goals for the future is to have a career focused on Sports and Journalism, as I love being able to capture events as they happen. Learning the stories of others, and giving them the platform to show what makes them special is the whole reason I got into Photography, and I hope the way I view the world will change how others see theirs.

Check out my work and connect with me through my contact information!